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     Meeting Minutes Experts


 (954) 249-2177                          Translation/Interpretation    

Our Minutes Writers provide high-quality transcribing of meeting minutes for companies and organizations of all sizes.  With professional minutes taking services and meeting minutes writers, you get a more accurate and comprehensive record of your meeting.

A Virtual Meeting Attendance Clerk and Minutes Writer will keep an accurate record of the entire meeting including:

  • Call attendance/roll of members and note same for the record
  • Note times of members entering and leaving meeting room
  • Note times of commencement and adjournment as well as breaks called during the meeting
  • Determine quorum
  • Maintain guest list/speaker sign-in sheet
  • Note staff present
  • Assist Chair with proper rules of meeting procedure (including basic Robert's Rules of Order)
  • Note the maker and seconder of motions, as well as any amendments/withdrawals of motions
  • Assist Chair or motion maker as to clarity of motion being presented on the floor
  • Take roll call for votes and determine pass or failure of motion
  • Collect and mark documents/exhibits to be attached to the minutes
  • Take accurate notes of speakers' comments and exhibits referenced during meeting
  • Provide Voting Conflict form when necessary  

Verbatim, Narrative, or Summary Minutes Writing

Upload the audio file to our FTP site at NO COST!

Transcribing Meeting Minutes will include:

  • Attendance and names of members, staff, and guests
  • Reiteration of posted agenda onto minutes
  • Summary of suggestions, comments, opinions, and viewpoints
  • Agreements reached and/or motions/action taken
  • Highlights of presentations
  • Electronic scanning and attachment of documents submitted at meetings to minutes
  • Draft of minutes provided electronically via MS Word or Word Perfect
  • Edits to first draft of minutes made at no extra cost
  • Changes to minutes made during final board approval at no extra cost
  • First draft of minutes provided within 5-7 business days from date of meeting

Our professional minute taking services include working with your staff to ensure all supporting documentation is compiled and appropriately attached to the minutes.

Prototype staff have the skill set, aptitude, and ability to listen and take notes on issues of a highly technical nature when necessary, summarizing that information in a grammatically correct, concise, and understandable narrative into any minutes writing format you prefer.

We know Robert's Rules to help keep the meeting flow formal (when necessary) and we know Florida's Sunshine Law to assist with questions regarding proper notice and conducting meetings in "the Sunshine" when questions arise.

Staff continuity is important. One Minutes Writer is assigned to each account enabling him/her to get to know the topics, speakers' voices, and your expectations - ensuring a consistent flow of written information.


Virtual and Zoom meeting capability

We can transcribe minutes from meetings prepared via your audio and/or video recordings!

Don't forget!

We also do legal, law enforcement, and meeting verbatim transcription!


Call Lisa Tayar

Business Manager

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